Thursday, June 4, 2015

Michigan Legislature Approves $1.75 Million for Lead Abatement

We have much to celebrate today!  Yesterday afternoon, the Michigan Legislature approved $1.75 million for lead abatement in the upcoming year.  This is a continuation of the monies our coalition fought for last year.

It was a very tough budget year with roads/infrastructure, school funding, burgeoning healthcare costs and business tax breaks putting pressure on an already tight budget.  Despite these factors and many others, our lawmakers believe in the work we are doing and want to make more Michigan families lead safe.  Our message got through!

Thank you to those who came to testify at the budget hearing in support of these dollars.  Thank you to those who came to Lead Education Day to talk to policy makers about the dangers of lead poisoning and how it is impacting health, academics and lifelong earnings in Michigan.  Finally, a big thanks to our coalition members at large for participating in monthly calls, following us on social media,  and for working hard in your community to prevent children from becoming lead poisoned and helping families who have lead exposures.

The $1.75 million dollars awarded were hard won and will be well spent!  Please take a minute to reflect in how far we have come and let us all enjoy this victory today!  Please also take a minute to call or e-mail your legislators and thank them for this appropriation.